Vacation Rentals Vs Hotels

Here are some things to consider while making your choice.

1   Value: Vacations should be fun, carefree and also easy on the wallet. You can have all of that by staying at one of our many Vacation homes. Instead of paying for two or three hotel rooms when planning your vacation, why not Book a Vacation rental? Our rentals accommodate as many guests as possible in our spacious homes ranging from 2 –6 bedrooms for half the price of a hotel. Our homes come fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens and all the comforts of home away from home.

        Food: Florida is known as one of the worlds premiere destinations for Vacations, that being said families from around the globe travel to Florida on an annual basis. One of the hardest things to accomplish is to feed a large family on vacation for a reasonable price. One of the benefits of renting a vacation home is that you get a fully equipped kitchen with every rental. This feature lets you save time and money by being able to cook whatever you want at the rental.

         Safety: For all families safety is top priority. You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that once you arrive we want you to feel like you are home and can experience a worry free vacation knowing that your children are playing in the safety of your vacation rental. We also have homes that are located at resorts and those homes are located in gated communities, which have 24-hour security.

       Exclusive Luxury amenities: Our resort homes have plenty of amenities from large swimming pools and clubhouses inside the resorts to movie theaters and spas. If you don’t like sharing our vacation rentals come with BBQ grills and a private pool some homes even have Jacuzzis that you may use at your leisure while on vacation.

      Space: If staying in a hotel normally you will stay in a cramped max two-bedroom suite and you will end up paying a lot of money. In our vacation rentals you don’t just get a room for your whole family, you get a fully furnished and fully equipped home where you can have as as much space as needed to accommodate your family. Each member of the family will have their own space and privacy and the best pyu

      Privacy: Unlike Hotels vacation rentals provide your family with a lot more privacy, amenities and overall comfort. Guests can come and go as they please without the stress of being disturbed by Housekeeping, Room Service and the noisy guests whom you wont find next door in our vacation rentals.

     Please head to the link below for all your vacation rental needs. I hope you have a vacation rental experience like no other. Trip Away Properties

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