5 Reasons Why a Vacation Home is Better Than a Hotel

pool home near disney at champions gate resort
pool home near disney at champions gate resort
pool at vacation home near disney

1.  Space:  Oh! Space!  Have you ever tried to spend 7 days crammed in a hotel room with your significant other and two kids under 5?  Haha, no never again. Imagine having your separate bedroom, living area, kitchen and outdoor space. 

In a vacation rental, you can have it all! Not only can you enjoy a cozy relaxing night watching a movie in the living room but you can enjoy some adult time once the you put the kids in their separate bedroom. 

2.  Kitchen:  The cost of 3 meals a day for the duration of your vacation can really add up.  By having access to a fully equipped kitchen you can definitely take advantage of big savings.  You can have breakfasts before heading to the parks or spend a night in and cook at home. Specially beneficial if you’re traveling with little ones! 

3.  Private Pool: You can enjoy a relaxing day in between attractions at the pool.  No need to head down to the pool from your hotel room when the pool is right in your backyard.  You can also avoid crowds during the busy holiday times at the pool, no one but you and your family and friends to enjoy.

4.  Privacy: You have your rental all to yourself!  And the pool. No need to share with other guests.  Parking is right outside of your door and no maids or maintenance coming in unannounced to your hotel room.  There are quite a bit of hotel-like experiences you can now take advantage of in the privacy of your rental and we’ll share those in a separate blog post. 

5.  Cost: You would think that renting a vacation home would be more expensive than a hotel room per night but the cost comparison will surprise you!  A typical hotel room in our area has an average price of $209 / night and can sleep up to 4 guests. A three bedroom townhome starts at $129/ night and can sleep up to 8 guests.  

Using the above numbers, for a party of 6 you can save up to $289 per night! For a week stay, this can mean up to $1734 for your vacation and you get all the extra perks above.  

If you haven’t made the switch yet from a standard hotel room into a vacation rental, give it a try!  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

For bookings or additional information, call us at 407-403-5588 or visit us at www.TripawayProperties.com.  Our team of local experts will help you find the perfect vacation rental for you and your family. 

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