Travel Must Haves for your next Florida trip

No matter the time of the year you plan to visit, there are a few essentials we suggest for your next trip to Central Florida. Over years of visiting theme parks and living in the sunshine state, we’ve come to learn a few things that have made our travels so much more enjoyable. Some of these are just small things that can make a big difference.

Please note some of the items below may contain affiliate links and we might earn a commission from your purchase.

Small Fan

These can be lifesavers in the Florida heat! We’ve used ours at the beach, while sightseeing, and while standing in line waiting for our favorite rides. These little things pack a lot of power and don’t take up a lot of space.

small fan

Cooling Towel

We experience year-round high temperatures, even in the cooler months things can get pretty hot when you’re out in the sun. These are great for theme parks especially. Remember to always hydrate well but if you’re not especially used to the heat, these can be a great way to stay cool.

waterproof backpack

You can expect rain showers in the spring months March through May, like clock work in the afternoons in the summer months and rain chances are pretty high in the early fall too due to Hurricane season. a waterproof backpack can be a lifesaver when traveling to Florida and keeping all of your things dry! This backpack is super light and has comfortable straps.

waterproof backpack

Filtered water bottle

We absolutely love our Brita filtered water bottles. We have them for sightseeing, theme parks, and even school. These are a great way to ensure you’re always drinking the best quality water from any water source. It’s a great way to save money (as well as plastic from bottles) when traveling and we couldn’t recommend these more. They are durable and lightweight, and they fit easily in cupholders and in backpack holders too.

Blister Balm

Nothing ruins a fun day at the parks more than a blister or thigh burn. This stuff is magical! We have all underestimated the amount of walking you can do in a day at the theme parks. This can be used anywhere where skin is rubbing against itself or any material, think shirts, back of shoes, and anywhere where material can cause a blister or burn.

Power bank

A must! You are likely to run out of battery between photos, checking the app, and keeping entertained while waiting in line (we personally love the charades app). Trust us and bring one of these, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

Waterproof phone pouch

These waterproof pouches are great! Take as many photos as you’d like without any worries for getting it wet. We recently used ours on a cruise and it worked so great.

Glow Sticks

This is a minor thing but if you have kids, it’ll make such a difference. Bring your own glow-in-the-dark sticks for the nighttime shows and you’ll be so happy you did. Plus such a money saver so you don’t have to buy those overpriced ones at the parks.


Central Florida in the summer? it is inevitably going to rain. You can be sure to run into a rainshower or two in the spring months from March through May, and if you’re traveling in the early fall, rain is an almost sure thing. Pack a couple of ponchos just in case so that a little afternoon shower doesn’t ruin your day.


With a little bit of planning, you can have the most magical trip to Florida. Things can always come up when traveling but having a few things you’ve preplanned for can make such a big difference.

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Happy and Safe Travels!


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